EDB Registration Number : 590860

A warm, harmonious and safe "home"
The campus of Swindon is designed with a harmonious ambience and safe facilities, so as to provide a "home" environment for the kids to learn actively and happily.

Bilingual environment

Pre-school stage is the prime time for developing language abilities. Our English Reading Zone allows students to assimilate into a bilingual environment, which satisfies their language learning needs by developing a foundation for bilingual communication and being conversant with both languages naturally.

Utilization of Multimedia

Kids will participate in learning with more fun, with the use of interactive electronic white boards. A light touch using the little pen will bring the children to a world of vivid animations, online information and videos and even more. It helps enhance the students' attention and learning motive. Life experience can be brought together with new knowledge at anytime, achieving the best learning outcome in a light-hearted class setting.

Encourage imagination and creativity

We have Display Zone of Students' Work, Creativity Zone, and sensory teaching materials. Together with the usage of various materials and an interactive environment, kids' imagination and creativity will be greatly stimulated.

Play Zone

All children love to play. Through playing, they learn about life skills and get adapted to group activities. Their muscles, bones and the ability to operate objects will be strengthened through running, jumping and other physical training. Learning through games helps the children build up wisdom, stimulates their thinking and also satisfies their emotional development.

Parents' Resources Corner

We provide a variety of reference books and DVD for parents to borrow.