EDB Registration Number : 590860

All children are gifted with different strengths, and proper coaching will help unleash their potential. In this regard, Swindon has organized a range of interest classes for the sake of their talent development and to help them learn to get along with the peer joyfully.

Drawing Class

Creativity means going beyond the usual ways of thinking. Through drawing, children can express their inner self. This class enables the kids to display their creativity freely and build up their own thoughts.

Content :
Learn and try different arts media.

Taekwondo Class

Taekwondo is a good physical training and can enhance one's tolerance. It is also good for boosting detemination and polishing one's character.

Content :
Basic knowledge, skills and the spirits of Taekwondo.

Ballet Class

Professional ballet training is provided basing on the syllabus of Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). Kids will experience the fun of music and dance in a happy and relaxing environment, and be inspired with musicality and the sense of rhythm.

Content :
Authentic dancing steps according to the syllabus of Royal Academy of Dance. Participants can be arranged to sit for the RAD diploma examination.

Cambridge English Class

It is an interesting English learning course which teaches the kids with listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through games and playgroups.

Content :
By means of the teaching of phonics and Cambridge English, kids will learn more than 2,000 vocabularies.

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