EDB Registration Number : 590860

Swindon Kindergarten and Child Care Centre has been established with an aim to provide quality pre-school education. Adopting the approach of lively and exploratory learning, with fun-based curriculum, students are inspired to broadly develop their multi-dimensional potential and also nurtured with good virtues and attitudes. All our initiatives are meant to bring life-long benefits to the kids. Swindon attaches great importance to the collaboration among school, families and the community, with unfailing endeavors of offering the toddlers a natural, self-dependent yet interactive and caring environment to learn and grow joyfully.

We Believe that……

encouragement and support are prerequisites of holistic development of children.
every child is unique and develops naturally at a different pace.
children should be nurtured with the abilities to explore, investigate and solve problems for their future encounters in the community.
kids should be raised with good virtues and attitudes so that they will be good citizens.
a hygienic, resourceful and caring school environment is vital for the children to develop their competence and body health.
close collaboration and liaison among school, families and the community helps enhance learning effectiveness of the kids.

Outcome is important, yet the journey matters more

The growth journey of children is composed of living experience and fun. They learn from their daily life and grow through playing games. From raising questions, exploring, through to getting the experience, kids enjoy natural learning in the process. By means of self-initiated exploration in a living environment, kids acquire interactive experience between themselves and other people; between people and the community; and between people and the nature etc. Their knowledge in six areas will also be enriched, including language, math, music, science and technology, individual and groups, body strength and health.