EDB Registration Number : 590860

Caring, Open-minded, Independent, Respect
Our curriculum is developed basing on the Guide to the Pre-primary Education Curriculum of Hong Kong, attuning to the developmental needs of kids, with due respect to their rights, and under the principle of being open-minded. We tailor our own school-based teaching materials and aids, supported with field learning activities, with an aim to provide a thought-provoking, loving and caring study environment. A variety of learning zones will enrich the life experience of the children, which enables them to learn to be courageous in facing failures and new challenges and to develop an active learning attitude. We hope that what the children learn here will benefit them for the rest of their life.

Teaching Mode

Swindon offers bilingual classes in Cantonese and English. Each class is co-taught by a Cantonese teacher and an English teacher, supplemented with Mandarin teaching.

Class Hours

Morning class: 9am – 12noon
Afternoon class: 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Curriculum characteristics

Thematic teaching : Open-style education with thematic curriculum, in tandem with teaching at activity zones and experiential learning. Children's problem solving ability and social behaviour will be greatly enhanced through observation, operation, discussion and cooperation.

Bilingual Teaching : Teaching English through story-telling and game-playing, in order to let the children interact more. A fun-filled learning environment is adopted for bilingual teaching, complemented with thematic songs, playgroups, story-telling, plays etc., to make English learning a natural part of life. Aided with interactive Mandarin playgroups, students will enjoy learning of common vocabularies in Mandarin.

Nurture reading habits : A "Parent-Child Reading Plan" is implemented to encourage parents to read books together with their kids and helps develop the children's reading habit. It will effectively improve the learning results of reading, enhance parent-child relationship, and strengthen the children's verbal communication skills as well as the usage of vocabularies.

Multimedia and Information Technology : Multimedia teaching can attract children's attention and boost their learning interest. Using multimedia facilities, supplemented with small group discussion, can integrate life experience with new knowledge. It significantly improves the learning results of the children in a happy and relaxing environment.

Ethics education : The age of 2-6 is a prime time for developing children's cognition in ethics and morality. By means of integrated teaching, Swindon guides the students to learn about good virtues and attitudes gradually through the school life.