EDB Registration Number : 590860

Admission requirements for 2024-2025 school year

Pre-Nursery : Age 2-3 Born in 2022
K1 : Age 3-4 Born in 2021
K2 : Age 4-5 Born in 2020
K3 : Age 5-6 Born in 2019

Admission requirements for 2023-2024 school year

Pre-Nursery : Age 2-3 Born in 2021
K1 : Age 3-4 Born in 2020
K2 : Age 4-5 Born in 2019
K3 : Age 5-6 Born in 2018

Tuition Fee

Half-day class:    Year of 2023-2024 $4,840 per month (10 installments per year).

Application Fee

A fee of $40 will be collected upon submission of student’s documents or interview.

Application Procedure

Only online application will be accepted.

Parents may apply online through our website starting from 1 August 2023 . After completing the registration, a confirmation email will be sent to the applicant who should fill in the application form through the link available in the confirmation email. The application form will be assigned an application number. We will notify the parents by email the interview date and time, therefore parents are advised to provide a frequently used email account for communication.

Within 5 days after successful submission of online application, parents are required to submit the following documents by mail or in person:
1. One of signed application form (please print a copy of completed application form online)
2. One copy of birth registration document
3. One copy of immunisation record (cover and inside pages)
4. One recent photo of the student
5. Three stamped envelopes with $2.2 stamp for return mail

For any enquiries, please call 2617 6108.